Pattaya FAQs

Pattaya is the most prevalent tourist destination situated only a 1.5 hours drive from the Capital, Bangkok. The city and the neighbouring districts have a huge resident expatriate community. As a result the area has a cosmopolitan feel with blend of services catering for many nationalities. English language is spoken by the local employees in most establishments. The families that live here enjoy a very high standard of living.

Pattaya Beach Resort enjoys sunshine for all 12 months, the average temperature is in 30’s most of the year. Thailand has three seasons the winter season which begins in Dec to Feb, the summer season from March to July and the rainy season From August to November. Unlike some other similar places like the Philippines or Florida and the Caribbean, Pattaya, which is located in the Gulf of Siam, is sheltered from very bad climatic condition and a high wind is very uncommon.

Pattaya Beach is within a short distance from the hotels and shopping malls that line the main Beach Road. Pattaya Bay is long and wide and perfect for sunbathing, you can rent watercraft, soak up the sun, get a massage, go parasailing, buy clothes, order food and drinks , all from the comfort of your sun lounger.

Pattaya is a golfer’s paradise, it has 18 International standard courses within an hour’s drive of Pattaya. The courses , offer the golfer, both fantastic scenery and great value for money, novice and experienced. You can be sure to get a game whole week with the many golfing societies in the zone.

There are a number of PADI dive shops around Pattaya offering Scuba Diving trainings and boat trips to some great dive locations. Pattaya is the only place in Thailand where there's safe all year round diving. Many visitors to Pattaya don't even realise there are idyllic islands and shipwrecks in nearby waters.

Pattaya's tourist Attractions range from elephant trekking, Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, numerous Buddhist temples & monuments, Underwater World, Alangkarn, Mini Siam, Pattaya Park Water World, Crocodile Farm, Million Years Stone Park, Khao Keow Open Zoo, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Theme Park, Royal Varuna Yacht Club, go-cart tracks, Cabaret Shows, shooting ranges, Ripley's "believe it or not" Museum Thailands National Polo Club and horse riding.

Pattaya Nightlife is astonishing and sundry. It can be graceful and calm dining in one of the outstanding restaurants, from Continental to Korean, it can be bold in the Thai boxing bars and go- go beer bars, or if you love music, there are a lot of discos and cool jazz clubs, or if you want something unique try the remarkable transvestite cabaret shows. And note all can be enjoyed at cheap prices.

Thailand is a buyer's heaven, and Pattaya is no exception. There are major shopping centres such as The Avenue Shopping Mall, Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya Central Festival , Tukom IT center, The Outlet Mall, Mikes Mall and the various local shops and market stalls for those cheaper items.

The law in Thailand is very similar to it's west, the only difference being that all documents are prepared in the Thai language.

Post Office, ISP's, Telephone Authority, Electrical Authority and Water Supply Authority locations are all easily accessible with competent friendly staff.

Pattaya has various choices of taxi service from private hire limos, motorbike taxis, Songtow's (pickup trucks) and buses.

The Eastern side has a number of highest quality Supermarkets such as Villa Market, Foodland, Tescos Carrefour, Big C and Tops, all stocked with a variety of local and imported goods, some of them open 24 hours a day. There are also a number of local foreign operated grocer shops, butchers, delicatessens, and continental bakers for all those special needs. So, if it's your favourite breakfast cereal from back home, fresh bread or frozen foods, or that special coffee you love.

YES !! Investing in a Condominium is the fastest and easiest way to enter in property market in Thailand. However each project has a restriction. Foreign ownership should not exceed 49% of the total sellable space available in the Project. Each foreign owner of a Condo is allotted with a title deed ( Chanote) clearly displaying that the foreigner is a legal owner of the particular Condominium. Foreigners can also buy a property under Thai Limited Company. Foreigners have certain restrictions to buy a land in Thailand and exact criteria need to be fulfilled to meet the requirement. WWP strongly recommends to seek professional consultancy in all the cases.

Yes Of course! Foreigners can easily rent out property and start generating cash flow. Lot of professional leasing agents are available in Pattaya.

Chanote is a ultimate proof that you own a property in Thailand. This is a certificate for ownership or Title deed issued by the Thailand land department. It is a ownership title deed containing the name of the owner, location of the property, an area map showing the boundaries on all four sides and on the backside an index of registration.

Apart from agreed purchase price buyer also need to prepare for below expenses, these may vary upon your negotiations with developer:
Sinking Fund (one off )
Electric and Water meter installation ( one off )
Transfer Fees ( one off )
Maintenance Fees ( ongoing, monthly or annually)

The sinking fund is a one off payment to be made by all Condominium owners in advance towards welfare of a project. This fund is calculated per your condominium purchased area. This fund is collected to pay for any future additions, major repairs or fixtures of a building and premises. This fund can be used only if agreed with majority by residents of the project. Maintenance fees are to be paid on regular and ongoing basis for general repair and maintenance of the premises.

EIA is Environmental Impact Assessment, a formal process used to assess the environmental consequences (positive or negative) of a project prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. Do not forget to ask your developer on the status of EIA

Yes, in most of the cases all you need is your passport and signed copy of your sales or purchase contract. Your developer or estate agent can easily guide you through

No, your return can be paid anywhere in the world.

Each investor will be assigned a manager who will be able to assist you during the investment period.

Simple 7 Steps of buying :
1. What I want
2. My Budget
3. Research
4. Make an Offer
5. Ownership
6. Professional assistance
7. Ask for PROPMATES guidance before you make a decision.
Asset Management

Great management is essential to a great property. However, skilled management with consistent service is hard to find. With our knowledge, experience, and personal approach we deliver a service with an eye on maximising the full potential of a property at all times. The philosophy behind our management role is to maintain the property at its highest and best use. With careful tenant selection, followed by regular inspections of tenant performance and maintenance requirements, we lay the foundations for maintaining the highest value, and we keep it at its best use throughout the ongoing management by attention to detail. Regular reporting on financial, management and strategic issues keeps you informed of how your property is performing under management. For many of our investors, we manage their entire portfolio of properties that we helped to acquire over the years. For owners who have purchased a property with our help, our management service makes the transition from due diligence to management seamless, because we have already researched the property thoroughly during the acquisition phase. But our exceptional service is available to anyone who wants their property in professional hands.